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Law touches almost every part of our lives. The legal ecosystem can seem complex — even to those of us in it. It’s also about much more than what you can glean from statistics, news articles, and TV shows. It’s a complex system of rules, justice, and relationships where stakes and emotions run high. From those who create or enforce rules, to those who represent large corporate clients or indigents, each participant in the legal ecosystem plays an important role.

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Law School Options

Law schools share considerable similarities with one another, but also have considerable differences. Schools differ by size, location, culture, priorities, selectivity, and most notably, job outcomes and reputation at the local, regional, and national levels. The truth is that where you attend law school matters. Every law school is different — and the importance of those differences depends on your personal and professional goals.

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The Law School Experience

What is law school like? From different academic expectations, to new methods of analysis and writing, to an unfamiliar structure for class discussions and exams (ever heard of the Socratic Method?), law school is different from any other educational experience you’ve had. Learn more about the law school curriculum, understand the mechanics of class participation and extracurricular activities, and get insights into the law school environment in and out of the classroom — enabling you to make an informed decision about your future.

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Diversity in Law — Adding Your Unique Voice

A legal system that fully serves all communities is critical to providing access to justice for all. The profession needs lawyers who share a commitment to service for historically marginalized and underrepresented communities. Prelaw Success Live Events and Admission Unmasked connect you with lawyers, law professors, and other professionals from a wide range of backgrounds so you can learn about their unique perspectives and experiences — and see how your own voice has a place in law.

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LawHub Program Participant

LawHub gave me a clear understanding of application expectations as well as the confirmation that law school is what Im looking for in my professional development and future career.

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LawHub Program Participant

Admission Unmasked offered a series of workshops, which was very helpful to me in my decision to still pursue law school and know what to expect when I attend law school next fall.

Realistic Financial Breakdown

LawHub Program Participant

I like the honesty and sincerity in LawHub’s programming. My financial plan changed to be more realistic and responsible since I have decided to pursue law after all. As an international student, I really appreciated the advice offered.

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LawHub Program Participant

As an older student making a career change to law, I appreciated the format and the way LawHub’s Admission Unmasked was organized. I was able to complete it at my own pace and found the majority of the information beneficial.

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