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Law touches almost every part of our lives and is for everyone — it is for those who break through barriers and see every challenge as an opportunity to achieve more, it is for the dreamers and the doers, and it is for you!

You may be wondering:

... What do lawyers do?

... Is a career in law right for me?

... Do I want to be a lawyer?

... What is law school like?

I Am The Law: A Podcast About Law Jobs

Are you passionate about the law, intrigued by legal intricacies, looking for lessons from today’s lawyers, or seeking thought-provoking discussions? If so, I Am The Law will captivate you.

We interview practicing lawyers for an insider’s look at the realities of a career in law, their recipes for success, and the biggest challenges the legal profession faces today.

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Your legal education journey will be your very own and unlike anyone else’s. It’s natural to have many questions as you walk down this path: What can I do with a JD degree? How can I find mentors and sponsors? How can I assemble a strong application? What is the cost of law school attendance? Browse through our articles to get answers to these questions and more.

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Prelaw Success Live Events

Join us for a series of live, online events — or view on-demand events, available 24/7 — designed to keep you informed, with topics that include mental health, LSAT prep, application components, LSAC and LawHub services, and more. Take your next steps with confidence!

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Ultimate Law School Prep: Law School Unmasked

Curious about what to expect from law school and how to successfully transition into your 1L year? Law School Unmasked uses short, interactive modules to help you get started, with topics such as a look at 1L classes, an overview of the U.S. judicial system, and tips on creating a balanced school-life routine. You’ll also learn law school vocabulary and start to learn how to read and brief cases.

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What People Are Saying About LawHub

Professional Development

LawHub Program Participant

LawHub gave me a clear understanding of application expectations as well as the confirmation that law school is what Im looking for in my professional development and future career.

Helpful Workshops

LawHub Program Participant

Admission Unmasked offered a series of workshops, which was very helpful to me in my decision to still pursue law school and know what to expect when I attend law school next fall.

Realistic Financial Breakdown

LawHub Program Participant

I like the honesty and sincerity in LawHub’s programming. My financial plan changed to be more realistic and responsible since I have decided to pursue law after all. As an international student, I really appreciated the advice offered.

Learning at My Own Pace

LawHub Program Participant

As an older student making a career change to law, I appreciated the format and the way LawHub’s Admission Unmasked was organized. I was able to complete it at my own pace and found the majority of the information beneficial.

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How do I get access to on-demand recordings of previous Prelaw Success Live Events?

Once you sign in to your LawHub account, simply navigate to the Learning Library. There, you’ll be able to register for upcoming events or click on Past Events to access the on-demand collection of past event recordings